September/October 2013  will be two months that I will never forget. A lot of big things have been going on around here…so here is a list:

1) Cole started Grade 1 – I had a rough moment with that one.

2) Lily started the 4 year old class in nursery school. What does that mean to me, you ask? That means I am on a one year countdown until both of my children are in school. Sheesh. Time does not fly. It warps by at lightning speed, and I am sucking every good thing out of every second so that I don’t miss out on this.

3) Cole turned 6. What?!?!?

4) Lily turned 4. What? What?!?!?

5) We (and by that I mean Al) built a life-size version of the game Angry Birds, and it is so incredibly fun.

6) Both kids started skating lessons, which is really fun to watch!

7) I got stung by a bee on the neck. Yes. I did.

8) I won a car. Yes. I did that too.

Let me just say that it is a good thing that I am not who I used to be. When I was a kid, I did not like change at all. I liked everything to stay exactly the way it had always been. If I were still that way, we would be having some major issues right now. Bring on the change. The way I see it, the older I get, the better life seems to get. I am about to turn 34, which is a little hard to believe. Bring it on. I am believing this is going to be the best year yet.


Her. At 4.

She is 4. Hard to believe. I love you more than I could ever explain, little girl. You rock my world in such a good way.

See her here.



There is so much that I could say about this boy we call our son. But for now, pictures will have to do. Happy birthday my beautiful big boy. Your mama loves you more than I could ever explain.

See him here.


It Begins.


Here he is. All grown up. Such a big boy. And I am proud, and excited, and a little sad at the same time. I am so excited for him, that he is stepping into a new adventure that is Grade 1. And I am so proud of him for the boy he is, and the man he is to become. But at the same time, how did we get here so quickly? I know parents feel that way at every stage of the game, and I don’t at all want to rewind time, I just want to soak in this moment so that I don’t forget it. I recently read a book that talked about how each of our lives tell a story. Some of us don’t tell any story at all with our lives, and some of us tell a fabulous story. I want to tell a fabulous story. I want to soak in every second of every day with these little people, because soon enough they won’t be little people anymore. And I want to teach them to tell a story with their own lives. Our lives together are so full of opportunities to do something kind, show love to each other and others, and to make the tiniest of moments extra extra special. But I only have one question…how did we go from this…


To this?


Such a proud Mama am I…

What a Summer.

Before we start on what this new school year means to us, I have to summarize the last couple months, seeing as I have been basically blogless. It is hard to summarize what an amazing summer we have had… spending every possible second soaking up time with these three people. And now, in the blink of an eye, summer is over, and we are thrown back into the routine of what fall brings. Which is awesome and awful all in one breath. I LOVE my days with these two, and this whole grade 1 thing has been a little very hard on me over the last few weeks. Anyways, life is amazing, as was our summer. Here it is in about a thousand pictures…

Babies, babies, babies…we love visits from babies.

IMG_3491 IMG_3494 IMG_4337 IMG_4403

First fish – HIM – the first fish of the season!


HER – her first ever fish!


This is seriously one of their favorite spots. Our play structure at the lake…


Lots and lots of tubing – tubing with just the four of us, tubing with friends, tubing with 60 something year old grandparents….
IMG_3790  IMG_4226  IMG_4610 IMG_4645

Visits from great friends…

IMG_3836   IMG_3869 IMG_3882 IMG_3911IMG_3915IMG_3960IMG_4192IMG_4223 IMG_4280 IMG_4433 IMG_4443 IMG_4593

This little “beach” has been one of the kids’ favorite spots over the summer. And every time, we go there with clothes on and drive home naked. Love getting in the water with our clothes on!


An afternoon at the carnival. So. Much. Fun. And Lily was so brave. I totally thought she would just want to go on the little rides, but she was all about the tiltawhirl and pirate ship flippy thing. A little too short this year, but next year one of us is going to have to put our stomachs and go on the twisty turny ones with her….hmmm…

IMG_3973 IMG_3977 IMG_3985

This picture is my absolute favorite of her. I LOVE her face. And look at him. He was having so much fun, but just loved to watch how all the rides worked. It was so neat to watch.


And my favorite one of him…isn’t a genuine huge smile just the bestest thing in the world?


And this picture pretty much sums up how we all felt about that ride. The slide sucked. All three tickets worth.


Lots of trips to the beach!

IMG_3860    IMG_4296  IMG_4299 IMG_4295

TONS of going out to the middle of the lake and jumping off the boat. I think this is one of my favorite things to do. And I don’t even have a shot of all of us doing it, but trust me, we did it A LOT! Good times…


Visits from cousins. 🙂 Man, do we love all of our cousins…

IMG_4068 IMG_4046  IMG_4571 IMG_3859 IMG_4367 IMG_4374 IMG_4689 IMG_4701

BINGO! And he even won $17.50!


Hiking, hiking and more hiking. Now that the kids are older, they LOVE to hike. Cole even walked with me all the way to town a few times, which takes over an hour. I was impressed!

IMG_4179 IMG_4335 IMG_4467 IMG_4688

And what is summer without a parade and a potato sack race?

IMG_4183 IMG_4189

If you were ever wondering how many kids you can fit on a saucer swing, you now have your answer.


A summer around here is not summer without horse back riding.


Camping with Grandma and Grandpa…such a great new experience for the kids!


A trip to the firehall!

IMG_4678 IMG_4682

A family Goldeyes game!

IMG_4488 IMG_4492 IMG_4501 IMG_4505

Naps on the boat…okay maybe just one of us napped on the boat a lot.


Big moments this summer…losing two teeth! Apparent;y the average tooth fairy rate these days is $3.70, so our tooth fairy must be cheap because this boy only makes two bucks a tooth.


One of Lily’s favorite things to do this summer was to put on shows for us, which I cannot even tell you how much I love. And every time she put on a show, she needed to be in one of her suits. Seriously love this girl.


We may have had one or two conversations about Star Wars, and I may or may not have been told by Cole that “Daddy is better at playing Star Wars than you Mommy”. My downfall as a mother, I guess. I am going to have to watch those movies again and this time actually pay attention…


Ski boarding! He also did get up on his feet but I don’t have a picture of that!


Boating, boating, boating….


A serious hilite of the summer was jumping off a friends boathouse. It is about 15 feet in the air and Cole was so brave! He must have jumped it 15 times.

IMG_4831 IMG_4811 IMG_4800 IMG_4795

Biking on two wheels!


And the grande finale, just goofing around! Yay to summer! How I love thee…until we meet again…

IMG_4634  IMG_4614    IMG_4555  IMG_4554IMG_4553 IMG_4550 IMG_4549 IMG_3418

Livin’ the Dream

Summer just makes you want to soak up every possible second of fun. Or maybe that is just me. I love every season, but there is something so unique about summer. And the fact that it doesn’t take us 20 minutes to get dressed to leave the house means serious love.

We spent a few days in the city this past week. Initially, I was just going to be coming in for a great friend’s 30th birthday party. How amazing is it to be surrounded by this many amazing friends for your birthday? I am just so incredibly grateful for the friends that I have. I sat at the table at dinner that night, and looked around and just thought wow. Although I didn’t know everyone really well, it just made me think of how blessed I am to not only be surrounded by so many friends, but also by such solid people. I am surrounded by friends who encourage me. Who love me for who I am. Who talk about the big things with me and share stories with me. And who don’t sit around and complain to me all the time (that’s a big one for me). I heart my friends.

Marissa's 30th bday

I figured since we were in the city already, why not make a trip of it and pack it full of fun, so that’s exactly what we did.

A trip to “the cousins” for a swim, dinner and a little Kinect (confirmed: I am a terrible dancer. Or maybe that’s just because I love the song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ by Rick Astley so much I couldn’t focus)




A trip to go strawberry picking. Amazing! And oh so yummy…


If this picture doesn’t scream “I’m the king of the world!” I don’t know what does.


I have realized that my kids have great friends because I have great friends….


The “hard workers”…


We quickly came to realize that berry picking might be more of a girl thing.


And lastly, a trip to Cartown. Seriously, whoever invented this thing deserves a really big gold star or something. Best idea ever for a rainy day in the summer.



And this picture, my friends, is why I entitled this entry “livin’ the dream”. This boy apparently wants to be a police officer. This one was a big hit.



Great friends for me and for the kids. So blessed are we…